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  • Eda Mucaj

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    Eda Mucaj

    Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

    Accepting new clients

    Eda is a licensed psychotherapist, offering both remote and in-person sessions in private practice. Her work is grounded in an attachment and body-centered model, emphasizing the importance of embodying experiences through integration of soma and psyche in the healing journey. Eda also weaves in elements from various modalities tailored to meet the specific needs of her clients. This includes Object Relations Therapy, Ego states Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Body-Centered models of therapy. In her work, Eda brings a grounded sense of warmth and peace which supports her capacity to hold the complexity of client’s experience. She holds a belief in the uniqueness of each individual and is deeply passionate about collaborating with clients to foster resilience and achieve their personal goals.

    Client Focus: Adult Individuals, Couples

    Types of therapy: Psychoanalytic Therapy based on Object Relations Theory, Ego states Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Body-Centered models of therapy such as Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Based models.


    Eda works with survivors of sexual trauma and complex trauma, attachment ruptures and developmental trauma, those in major life transitions, as well as those working through strained relationships, persistent and major depression, mood disorders, emotional dysregulation, grief/loss.